Tagline of the Month: "This is Banking, a Fifth Third better"

Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Bank Headquarters has recently unleashed a new campaign that utilizes the slogan, “This is Banking, a Fifth Third better,” as a play on words in relation to their company name. The campaign symbolizes Fifth Third’s willingness to go above and beyond for their customers and provide them with precisely 166.7 percent (or 5/3) effort. 

In 1908, Third National Bank and Fifth National Bank merged as one, forming Fifth Third Bank. Since then, the company has grown to become a multi-billion dollar corporation, with over 1,000 Banking Centers nationwide. 

Fittingly the company proclaims May 3 (5/3) as “Fifth Third Day,” a time when employees volunteer within their communities. This year on May 3, Fifth Third Bank also celebrated the launch of their new campaign by giving the parents of babies born in the Cincinnati area on 5/3/17, $1,053. 

Not only has Fifth Third Bank spiced up its tagline to further promote the company’s values, but they are also attaching philanthropic actions with their company name—a double positive in the world of marketing.

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