Tagline of the Month: "Good Things, For Life."

General Electric (GE) Appliances has recently begun a new advertising campaign featuring the tagline “good things, for life.” The campaign uses humor to showcase appliances providing “lifehacks” in real-life scenarios, such as a wife catching her husband scratching his back with a fork. 

The goal of the “good things, for life” tagline is to show consumers that GE Appliances produces good, cutting edge products, but also to make it known that part of its brand promise is to make products that fit into everyday lifestyles.

General Electric Appliances has been a successful brand for decades, and the company is now working to revamp its image. The new tagline is intended to be a modernized expression of the company’s formerly used slogan, “We Bring Good Things to Life,” which was in effect from 1970-2003.

GE Appliances takes pride in its innovative products that work in conjunction with new technology. For example, appliances produced by GE can be operated by voice commands through products such as the Amazon Echo.

By showcasing things such as a woman using verbal commands to preheat the oven while her hands are covered in food, GE Appliances is demonstrating the advancement of its products. The company is providing “good things, for life,” while also transforming the traditional household into a place filled with technological capability. 

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